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I have this class BidToolTradeLanes defined as follows:

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package com.catapult.bid.model;

 * @author Alok Shrestha
public class BidToolTradeLanes {
    private int tradeLaneId;
    private String tradeLaneName;
    private int contractId;

public BidToolTradeLanes() {
public int getContractId() {
    return contractId;

public void setContractId(int contractId) {
    this.contractId = contractId;

public int getTradeLaneId() {
    return tradeLaneId;

public void setTradeLaneId(int tradeLaneId) {
    this.tradeLaneId = tradeLaneId;

public String getTradeLaneName() {
    return tradeLaneName;


And, I have this mapping file for the above class:

<hibernate-mapping package="com.catapult.bid.model"  default-access="field"> 
<class name="BidToolTradeLanes" table="bt_trade_lane" schema="bidtool" >
    <id name="tradeLaneId" type="int" column="trade_lane_id">           
        <generator class="sequence">
             <param name="sequence">bidtool.trade_lane_trade_lane_id_seq</param>

    <property name="tradeLaneName" type="string">
        <column name="tradelane_name" length="20"/>
     <many-to-one class="Contracts" fetch="select" name="contractId">
         <column name="contract_id"/>

Now, whenever I try to run this statement, I get the error

List list=session.createSQLQuery("select {t.*} from bidtool.bt_trade_lane t")

I get the error as:

could not set a field value by reflection setter of com.catapult.bid.model.BidToolTradeLanes.contractId

Your help will be appreciated.

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Since contractId is mapped as <many-to-one> its type should be Contracts, not int.

That's the difference between database schema and object model: in your database schema you have foreign keys, whereas in the object model you have references to other objects.

Also note that contract as a name for the reference would be better than contractId, and that classes in object model are usually named in singular, not in plural.

See also:

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