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I am using background and divider images to customize a UISegmentedControl. However, a space appears between the divider image and the background image for the segment control.

Here's a screenshot showing the spaces

enter image description here

And here is the code I'm using to set the segment images

UIImage *selectedImage = [[UIImage imageNamed:@"segcontrol_selectround.png"] resizableImageWithCapInsets:UIEdgeInsetsMake(0, 10, 0, 10)];
UIImage *unselectedImage = [[UIImage imageNamed:@"segcontrol_unselectround.png"] resizableImageWithCapInsets:UIEdgeInsetsMake(0, 10, 0, 10)];
UIImage *leftSelected = [UIImage imageNamed:@"segcontrol_leftselected.png"];
UIImage *rightSelected = [UIImage imageNamed:@"segcontrol_rightselected.png"];
UIImage *neitherSelected = [UIImage imageNamed:@"segcontrol_bothunselected.png"];

[segment setBackgroundImage:unselectedImage forState:UIControlStateNormal barMetrics:UIBarMetricsDefault];
[segment setBackgroundImage:selectedImage forState:UIControlStateSelected barMetrics:UIBarMetricsDefault];
[segment setDividerImage:leftSelected forLeftSegmentState:UIControlStateSelected rightSegmentState:UIControlStateNormal barMetrics:UIBarMetricsDefault];
[segment setDividerImage:rightSelected forLeftSegmentState:UIControlStateNormal rightSegmentState:UIControlStateSelected barMetrics:UIBarMetricsDefault];
[segment setDividerImage:neitherSelected forLeftSegmentState:UIControlStateNormal rightSegmentState:UIControlStateNormal barMetrics:UIBarMetricsDefault];

I checked all the divider images, and they are all the same widths and do not contain any transparent pixels.

How do I remove these spaces from the segmented control?

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Could you add a little bit more on your implementation details? Are you using UIAppearanceProxy, subclassing it? –  Rexeisen May 29 '12 at 16:36
@Rexeisen I added the code I am using to set the background images –  Paul May 29 '12 at 16:41

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Make sure that the images you use for the dividers (leftSelected, rightselected, and neitherselected) are all the same width. Often because neitherselected has the line in the middle it's 1pt wider than the others. They all need to be the same!

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