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I'm new to Neual Networks and I suppose I don't fully understand what 'bias' param does in Matlab's NN.

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possible duplicate of Role of Bias in Neural Networks – jmort253 Jun 2 '12 at 5:14
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It simply means an additive term in the neuron computation. Typically you have the input vector to a neuron x, and you perform a dot product with the weights, w. Then you add on the bias term, b and apply a non-linear mapping.

The b number (per neuron) is part of the training and will change during training (unless you specifically disable it in training, but I know no reason to do this.)

The term bias is probably simply because it's an additive value in addition to the neuron's activation (that comes from the weighted inputs). Once trained, the bias is a fixed term that does not depend on the neuron inputs.

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A neuron's bias is basically an extra input value that doesn't change. It is added to the normal inputs to get the total input to the neuron.

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