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I am trying to test a single method in ruby. It is in a separate file so basically:


def my_method

in my a_spec.rb

require 'minitest/autorun'

Object.instance_eval do

  def hello_world

When I try to run my test, it says that my_method is a private method while I can actually call Object.hello_world outright. What gives?

Also, is there an easier way to test plain ruby methods(no classes or modules) with minitest?

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Doing the load above doesn't add the methods of a.rb as singleton methods to Object. Rather, it adds the methods to the global namespace. (The fact that you are doing the load inside the block where self refers to the Object class is irrelevant.)

With you above code, you should be able to call *my_method* directly in your tests:

class MyTest <  MiniTest::Unit::TestCase

  def test_my_method
    assert my_method

  def test_hello_world
    assert Object.hello_world
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im actually testing the method being loaded, not hello world. how do i go about this then? I tried calling my_method but it just keeps saying that it is undefined –  corroded May 29 '12 at 23:33

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