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I'm creating unit tests for our application, and I'm stuck. For testing I have a simple HelloWebServlet that I'm protecting via annotations:

@WebServlet(urlPatterns = {"/hello"}) @ServletSecurity(@HttpConstraint(rolesAllowed = {"user"}))

I'm starting the server the way that's always worked OK (see [1]) and creating users (see [2]) seems to be OK because output from CommandRunner calls to list-file-users and list-file-groups are correct, but I'm getting this error when I try to connect using the username and password:

WARNING: WEB9102: Web Login Failed: Login failed: Unable to locate a login configuration

The calling code uses the Jersey client API:

public void testPingServletLoggedIn() {
    Client client = Client.create();
    client.addFilter(new HTTPBasicAuthFilter(GlassFishServerHelper.USERNAME, "xx"));
    WebResource webResource = client.resource(GlassFishServerHelper.getBaseUri() + "/hello");
    ClientResponse clientResponse = webResource
            .get(ClientResponse.class);     // @GET
    assertEquals(ClientResponse.Status.OK, clientResponse.getClientResponseStatus());

(Note: I tried to set but that call failed with: PlainTextActionReporterFAILURENo configuration found for . Drat!)

I've tried this against both glassfish-embedded-all-3.1.2.jar (our production version) and glassfish-embedded-all-3.2-b06.jar with the same results. What do you think would solve this? I've struggled and succeeded way too many times with GFE to give up without a fight!

==== [1] server startup (excerpt) ====

public static void startServer() {
        GlassFishProperties gfProps = new GlassFishProperties();
        gfProps.setPort("http-listener", PORT);
        GLASSFISH = GlassFishRuntime.bootstrap().newGlassFish(gfProps);


        ScatteredArchive archive = new ScatteredArchive(WEB_APP_NAME, ScatteredArchive.Type.WAR);
        File classesDir = new File("out/production/simple-security-servlet-test");
        DEPLOYER = GLASSFISH.getDeployer();
        APP_NAME = DEPLOYER.deploy(archive.toURI());

private static void enableDefaultPrincipleToRoleMapping() throws GlassFishException {
    CommandRunner cr = GLASSFISH.getCommandRunner();
    CommandResult result ="set",

==== [2] user creation (excerpt) ====

private static void createUsersAndGroups() throws GlassFishException {
    CommandRunner commandRunner = GLASSFISH.getCommandRunner();
    File passwordFile = new File("password-file.txt");
    CommandResult result ="create-file-user",
            "--passwordfile", passwordFile.getAbsolutePath(),
            "--groups", "user",
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I was getting the same error and have managed to work around it, although my situation is slightly different. I'm starting GF 3.1.2 from the "maven-embedded-glassfish-plugin" maven plugin, but this might work for you as well.

Try setting the following system property:

This should point to a copy of the login.conf file. You can find this file in the "config" folder in any Glassfish domain folder.

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Thank you, Nick. I'm not using Maven right now. – Matthew Cornell Jul 9 '12 at 14:49

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