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I am working for a client who is using the flickerRSS RU plugin for WordPress. However when they try to put more than one calling of the function per page they get this error in the error_log:

PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare get_and_delete_option() (previously declared 
in .../wp-content/plugins/flickrrss-ru/flickrrssRU.php:21) in 
.../wp-content/plugins/flickrrss-ru/flickrrssRU.php on line 21

First of the plugin calls is:

    'set' => '72157624558519886',
    'num_items' => 3,
    'type' => 'set',
    'html' => ' <a href="%flickr_page%" title="%title%"><img src="%image_square%" alt="%title%"/ height="68px" ></a>'));

Followed by:

    'set' => '72157624558519886',
    'num_items' => 11,
    'type' => 'set',
    'html' => ' <a href="%flickr_page%" title="%title%"><img src="%image_square%" alt="%title%"/ height="75" ></a>'));

I am not sure why these two calls would try to initialize the plugin again if it was loaded via WordPress.

I found out that this specific function being used is in the plugin as such:

$flickrRSSRU = new flickrRSSRU();
add_action( 'admin_menu', array(&$flickrRSSRU, 'setupSettingsPage') );
add_action( 'plugins_loaded', array(&$flickrRSSRU, 'setupWidget') );
register_activation_hook( __FILE__, array( &$flickrRSSRU, 'setupActivation' ));

function get_flickrRSSRU($settings = array()) {
    global $flickrRSSRU;
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does that function do an include/require? Might have to change it to a include_once/require_once to prevent that external function from being loaded/defined twice. – Marc B May 29 '12 at 17:10
Yes it uses if (!class_exists('flickrRSSRU')) { – OpensaurusRex May 29 '12 at 17:15
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My guess is it's line 49 in flickrrssRU.php

if (!get_option('flickrRSSRU_settings')) $this->setupActivation();

This one is likely calling $this->setupActivation() both times, which is declaring the get_and_delete_option() function inside of that method. It should have been creating the options when the plugin was activated, however it seems to be having trouble accessing it.

Look in your wp_options table and see if you can find the "flickrRSSRU_settings" key in there.

Alternative solution is to change line 21 of that same file from

function get_and_delete_option($setting) { $v = get_option($setting); delete_option($setting); return $v; }


if(!function_exists('get_and_delete_option')) {
    function get_and_delete_option($setting) { $v = get_option($setting); delete_option($setting); return $v; }

However if it's not finding the settings, you may run into other problems later.

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It ended up being a missing setting in the database like you said, but I also added that fall back just incase it fails to load again. Thanks! – OpensaurusRex May 29 '12 at 17:28

Various things could lead to the function being defined twice (or attempting to be). You can use function_exists() to check and see if the function already has been declared, and only declare it if it hasn't.

if ( ! function_exists('get_and_delete_option') ) {
    function get_and_delete_option( $foo, $bar ){
        return $foo . $bar;

Come to think of it, I think this is the standard approach in WordPress to begin with.

Including, or Requring Once

If you're including this functionality, try using include_once or require_once instead. This way, the same file won't be added in multiple times.

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