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I am creating a tab view app in cocoa like a web browser app:

  1. I am loading my first tab with subview web View Controller ( having a webview and a text field) in the awakefromnib method.

  2. There is another tab item with "+" label. When I click on it the didTabSelected delegate method is called.

  3. In it I creating a new tab item and adding the subview of webViewController class ( having a webview and a text field).

  4. In the textfield of webViewController.xib i am setting its action to a IBAction which is losading the web view.


  1. When I am running the application the textfield action is caliing automatically without pressing enter, even when i am switching between the tabs.

  2. My app is crasing when i amswitching between the tabs.


i am getting EXEC_BAD_ACCESS

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With what error message? –  rdelmar May 29 '12 at 23:11

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Are you getting an error like EXEC_BAD_ACCESS or unrecognized selector? For the former something is null or overreleased and that is the problem. For the latter, you might be trying to call a method that doesn't exist.

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