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Natural Docs is a documentation generator that supports several languages. But one of those, is not Lua. Natural Docs has a language configuration file that allows it to add new languages.

So far, I have added to my configuration file the following lines:

Language: Lua
  Extension: lua
  Line Comment: -- //
  Block Comment: [[ ]] --[[ --]] --[[ ]]
  Function Prototype Enders: end \n
  Variable Prototype Ender: \n

But after running Natural Docs, the documentation just shows an empty web page. I've been looking through the internet for a solution, but I've only found different configurations for the "Languages.txt" file (different Function prototype enders, block comments symbols, etc)

I haven't modifying anything, besides that, from the default settings.

I don´t know if maybe I'm missing something else.

Thanks for your support on this!

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Single line comments are introduced with --. Block comments begin with --[[ and end with ]]. However, note that the block comment is based on the long string notation which does not nest. To permit nesting, the notation allows for zero or more = to appear between the two open square brackets, and a matching number of = between the two close square brackets. This is often difficult to express in simple configuration files. Long strings open with [[ (with optional =) and continue to ]] (with matching =) including any newlines. –  RBerteig May 29 '12 at 17:58

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