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I have something like:

* @class
NS.MyAwesomeObject = Class.create();

NS.MyAwesomeObject.prototype = {
 * @param id - the id
 * @return - an alert dialog with an id
 initialize : function(id){

Am I missing something? I get up to NS. -> auto-complete: MyAwesomeObject, but I want NS.MyAwesomeObject. -> auto-complete: initialize(id).

It works fine for other cases when I don't use Class.create(). I googled and the solution was to add @class, but that didn't work for me.


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It works by me. Btw Eclipse doesn't have jsDoc 3 support. With jsDoc 3 your code looks so:

var NS = {};

/** @class */
NS.MyAwesomeObject = Class.create(
    /** @lends NS.MyAwesomeObject.prototype */
         * @constructs
         * @param {Number} id - the id
         * @returns {Void} - an alert dialog with an id
        initialize:function (id) {

The code completion for jsDoc 3 works only with WebStorm (or others Jetbrains products) now.

Oo javascript code completion in any IDE (Had problem with this either.)

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