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I'm using iqxmlrpc as my xml-rpc library. I implemented a simple test (a server that provides a "sum" method and a client that calls it a hundred times) and measured the bandwidth used by both HTTP and HTTPS (using tcpdump). While HTTP used about 60KB, HTTPS used only 20KB - is there any default compression when using iqxmlrpc over HTTPS?

Note: only one connection is established, since I use the "keep-alive" HTTP option. If I don't use it, HTTP uses about 600 bytes/call, while HTTPS uses about 2KB/call.

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Yes, iqxmlrpc is using a "default compression" mode when using HTTPS. According to Mike, this can be checked on the packet capture by looking at the "Client Hello" message from the SSL client, by looking at the "Compression methods" field. As I could verify, this is true for iqxmlrpc:

iqxmlrpc packet capture: "Client Hello" message

To be (extra) sure, I also checked the "Server Hello" message:

iqxmlrpc packet capture: "Server Hello" message

And it's true: DEFLATE method for compression :)

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