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I need to trigger the {{showAlias}} view method from within the {{#each content.activitytypes}} I have tried {{_parentView.showAlias}}. I believe I need to call it on the parent's parent, is that correct and how? I can call the {{showAlias}} outside of the {{#each...

Handlebars Template

    <script type="text/x-handlebars">
        {{#each Km.activityController}}
        {{#view Km.ActivityView contentBinding="this"}}
                {{#each content.activitytypes}}
                        {{name}} {{aliasname}}


Km.ActivityView = Em.View.extend({

showAlias: function () {
    var arr = this.getPath('content.activitytypes'),
        show = false;
        arr.forEach(function(item) {
            var aliasArr = item.showaliasaccountid;
            if (typeof aliasArr !== 'undefined') {
                if (jQuery.inArray(2,aliasArr)) {
                    show = true;
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Try {{../showAlias }} . I searched for that in handlebarsjs.com , didn't tried if that works with ember –  Bogdan M. May 29 '12 at 18:00
Duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/10662353/… ? –  Bogdan M. May 29 '12 at 18:04

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{{parentView.showAlias}} will work, but in these situations with nested views and sub eachs I always find the code to be more maintainable with CollectionViews. Otherwise you end up stuffing too much inside of a single template/view.


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