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I'm looking for an OpenGL tutorial. Could you suggest something? I want to create some object, move them and give some light.

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possible duplicate of Getting started with OpenGL – Michael Kristofik May 29 '12 at 18:13
Here's where I first learned OpenGL – cppguy May 29 '12 at 18:46
NeHe is pretty much outdated. It uses the fixed function pipeline which shouldn't used with modern OpenGL. – Skalli May 29 '12 at 21:18
I can highly highly, highly recommend @R.MartinhoFernandes comment. It's using the newest technologies important for a beginner. NeHe is completely outdated. – Ray Koopa Sep 23 '14 at 11:44
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This Lighthouse3D lighting tutorial is excellent and not really bound to OpenGL.

If you have questions about context creation, event handling and such, read the basics here:

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