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Here is the idea behind what I am trying to accomplish, I am currently communicating with Bluetooth sensors and sending the data at periodic intervals to a remote server over Wi-Fi, now in between transmissions I put the system in sleep mode to save power.

However, I want my processing thread to be interrupted from it's sleep upon reception of a packet from the server. I know I can do this simply by creating another thread in an infinite work loop and waking it up to check for incoming data from the socket upon time intervals, but I was wondering whether there was a nicer way of accomplishing this, e.g. registering a listener, starting a background service to check for reception, creating a custom broadcast receiver ... etc.

I have tried searching online with no success, I don't want the code to do this, but maybe a few links to point me in the right direction so that I can do it myself. Thanks

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Here are a few links I found useful (stackoverflow.com/questions/3607351/…) and also (developer.sonymobile.com/wp/2010/08/23/…) I decided to use the alarm manager which triggers an intent and on Receive I inquire for the number of bytes available, if >0 wake up and service incoming request. I would be glad to hear other more power efficient implementations –  ctejeiro May 29 '12 at 19:47

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