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If I run:

adplus.exe -pmn "MyClient.exe" -o "d:\DumpFiles" -crash

When I shut down I get a dump file created:


Is there a way to run adplus in crash mode but not get this Process_Shut_Down dump created? (or does this mean there is an exception during shutdown?)

I want to monitor my application for run-time exceptions but don't want to fill up the hard drive if the program is exiting normally.

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You can specify a configuration file when running adplus:

This is the contents of my file: D:\DumpFiles\conf.txt

<ADPlus Version='2'>
        <Exception Code="epr">

Now we can run: adplus.exe -c D:\DumpFiles\conf.txt -pmn notepad++ -crash -o "D:\DumpFiles"

Using the configuration file fixes this problem and adplus seems to be smart enough to just apply this “epr” exception rule as the only difference. I used WinMerge to compare the generated “DebuggerScript.txt” files.

NOTE: if you taskkill notepad++ you won't get a dump if you are running with this configuration file.

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