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I'm creating an XML schema and need to include some fields of raw binary data. What built-in datatype offers the most space efficient representation? I see base64Binary and hexBinary as two possibilities but they both appear to be string representations of hexadecimal codes and thus not space efficient and also incur a time penalty to encode them. What built-in datatype would offer me the best space and time efficient representation of my binary data?

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There are no other types out of the box that deal with binary content.

The most efficient is base64, with around a 30% overhead; hex is at least twice the size. It is also assumed that you're using a predominantly single byte-character set such as utf-8. Encoding XML using utf-16 will see the above numbers double.

The advantage of using these built in types pays off with typical xml to code bindings libraries; for e.g. JAXB will give you a byte[], so encoding/decoding is tranparent to you.

It also depends on how you move/store your XML; if you use a SOAP based serializer with support for binary attachments, then particularly for large sets, it pays off to go down this route.

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