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I can't figure this out despite spending hours. I have a simple dynamically created page (a vbhtml that is loaded using a controller) with two text boxes.

There is a save button on the page. This button invokes an in-page Javascript function. In the function I have these lines:

function saveData()
var lDescr = $('#FundNote').val();  // FundNote is the id of a textbox
var DocUrl = $('#DocUrl').val();  // DocUrl is the id of another textbox
  //ajax call to a controller

The issue is that every time this page displayed, these variables continue returning the same values as entered the very first time. If I clean browser cache, the newly entered values are returned but then it keeps returning the same values until the browser cache is cleaned again. Every time this page is displayed, the text boxes are empty and user enters values, so the page itself is not being holding up the values.

Any pointers?


After spending days, this is how I fixed it (temporarily).

It appears that even though the controller is sending the updated html and was displayed ok on the browser (the html includes a dropdown box, which is dynamically filled with different values. Everytime the values are different but in javascript, old values are being returned (for example, old value of the select option, the value did not even included in the current rendering of the html). Still no idea why this is happening. There are other similar pages in the solution and they work fine.).

Anyway, what I did (for now to make it working), I added a RandonNo() property in the class that dynamically creates this html (via a controller and a vbhtml file). Then in the vbhtml, I appended this randon number to all html component ids. I also passed the same number to the javascript "Save()" function like this OnClick="Save('@Model.RandonNo'). In the Save method, then I changed $('#idOption') to $('#idOption-'+ randomno). It seems to be working because the ids are different everytime.

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So .val is returning something else than what's currently in the textbox? –  pimvdb May 29 '12 at 19:01
Correct. .val() is not returning what user has entered. It is returning what user entered when this page was first displayed (after browser cache flush). –  King Oft May 29 '12 at 19:19
That's very peculiar. Could you post a testcase on jsfiddle.net so that it can be reproduced? If the values are not there on load time, there should not be any way to obtain them. (Otherwise I'd consider that a privacy bug.) –  pimvdb May 29 '12 at 19:20
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Sometimes the browser caches form input values so if you return to the page you need not re-type stuff. To disable it, set <form ... autocomplete="off">. This will block the form re-loading what the user typed last time on page load.

It sounds like this isn't your concern, but rather your concern is the text in the input isn't what's return from .val(). If that's the case, show some code, and let's dig in.

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Don't cache the value (.val()), cache the jQuery object:

function saveData() {
var lDescr = $('#FundNote');  // FundNote is the id of a textbox
var DocUrl = $('#DocUrl');  // DocUrl is the id of another textbox
    alert( lDescr.val() );
    alert( DocUrl.val() );
  //ajax call to a controller

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