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So I have this IM command ($plistnew is a list of coords as you'd expect for polygon):

convert in.png ( -size 101x101 xc:black -fill white \
    -draw "polygon $plistnew" -alpha off \
    -crop 101x100+0+1 +repage \
    -scale 101x1! ) \
    -clut out.png

So I need to convert this to pure PHP. I have been pretty much successful except for one remaining issue with setImageAlphaChannel().

Anyway, this is my PHP:

$tmpa = new Imagick(); // for the image I'm assuming is generated inside the parens
$tmpa->newPseudoImage(101, 101, 'canvas:black'); // xc:black

$draw = new ImagickDraw();
$draw->setFillColor(new ImagickPixel('white')); // -fill white
$draw->polygon($points); // -draw "polygon $plistnew"

$tmpa->setImageAlphaChannel(self::ALPHACHANNEL_DEACTIVATE); // -alpha off
$tmpa->cropImage(101, 100, 0, 1); // -crop 101x100+0+1

// +repage

$tmpa->scaleImage(101, 1); // -scale 101x1! -- I think scaleImage() ignores ratio per the ! by default ... I'm not positive though.

$im = new Imagick('in.png');
$im->clutImage($tmpa); // -clut

The $points variable is an array formed properly for use with ImagickDraw::polygon().

This line:


flat out doesn't work. It produces this error:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'ImagickException' with message 'Unable to set image alpha channel'

When I comment that line out everything seems to be working fine otherwise. How can I prevent this error?

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You can find all the options here: imagemagick.org/script/… 101x1! means the image is sized to 101x1 and the aspect ratio is ignored. +repage "reset the virtual canvas " in otherwords the image canvas which you can not see is resized from 101x101 to 101x1. If you checked the image in another program before and after you would see a checkerdoard image around the new image; this is removed. –  Bonzo May 29 '12 at 19:14
thanks, I've updated to reflect new code/comments based on the info you gave. –  greggory.hz May 29 '12 at 19:43
What are your polygon values and I will try your code as it could be a version problem. –  Bonzo May 29 '12 at 19:54
What is $tmpA as well? –  Bonzo May 29 '12 at 20:16
ah, my appologies about $tmpA .. that's just a temporary image that is being processed, that's just the input image in this case. This is part of a larger script that does some other processing as well. I'll edit that real quick. Also, polygon values: 4,0 27,33 46,53 62,73 100,86 –  greggory.hz May 29 '12 at 20:39

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I haven't tested this, but if your end goal is the generate an opaque image with no alpha channel support, perhaps try setting the Imagick::setFormat function to png24.


This will force the Imagick object to use the opaque 24bit PNG format, rather than the opaque or transparent 32bit PNG format. You may have to set a background color or something to that effect to ensure that any alpha objects added to the image are dealt with appropriately.

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