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I'm trying to run one of the sample projects that came with NServicebus install

I've installed Nservice by running RunMeFirst.bat. Everything looked fine.

Then I opened one of sample projects (PubSub). It compiles and runs but throws an exception:

Exception when starting endpoint, error has been logged. Reason: Could not load C:\Users\\Downloads\NServiceBus.3.2.0\NServiceBus.3.2.0\samples\PubSub\MyPublisher\bin\Debug\Raven.Backup.exe. Consider using 'Configure.With(AllAssemblies.Except("Raven.Backup.exe"))' to tell NServiceBus not to load this file.

Raven.Backup.exe exists in that folder.

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Remove Raven.Backup.exe from the bin folder. Does that help? –  Tom Redfern May 29 '12 at 20:31
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2 Answers

I've just d/l v3.2.0 and no problems running PubSub. Did you unblock the zip file, before unzipping it? See http://nservicebus.com/gettingstarted.aspx for instructions on how to get started.

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Removing Reven.Backup.exe from bin or doing 'Configure.With(AllAssemblies.Except("Raven.Backup.exe"))' fixes the problem. It would be good to know why that file is there.

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