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I'm trying to write a coffeescript to prepend a new element into a content_tag_for block. And if possible using a partial for code simplicity sake.

<ul id="documents">
  <% @documents.each do |document| %>
    <%= content_tag_for :li, document do %>
           <%= document.title %>
           <%= document.position %>
           <%= link_to 'Delete', document, method: :delete, remote: true %>
    <% end %>
  <% end %>

And my create.js.coffee attempt. But using a partial caused issues because when I run this, the element is added without a

  • wrapping, breaking sorting and stylizing behavior until after a page reload. I want to append the new record asynchronously using jQuery of course.

    $('<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => @document))%>')
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    Solved. my updated create.js.coffee

    $('<%= content_tag_for :li, @document do %>
              <%= render @document %>
            <% end %>')
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