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Serializing and Deserializing Expression Trees in C#

I have recently dove into the wild world that is Expression Trees and am curious.

I have been playing with ZeroMQ as well, and it occured to me, I was wondering if I could send expression trees in string format from a client to a server. Is this possible? Expression Trees seem to have the functionality to take an expression, and seems like you should be able to "flatten" and "deflatten" them to/from a string.

Does anybody have any insight on this? If your comments are going to be negative, then please don't comment at all.

EDIT To be clear, as a simple example, if I have a client-server application running, is there a way I can type into the client command prompt the following:

(a,b) => a + b

and have that value be converted into a binary expression(in an easy way) so that it can be invoked dynamically by the server application?

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Express trees?? –  Carsten Schütte May 29 '12 at 19:38
Have you looked into Serialization? –  Caleb Jares May 29 '12 at 19:38

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As per Serializing and Deserializing Expression Trees in C#, you could use the Expression Tree Serialization project.

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