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I have the following entities. How do I add on to this query such that report in notification don't get display also.

class Reports {

    static hasOne = [location:Locations, crop:Crops, pest:Pests,  users:Users]
    int id
    String reportImage
    Date reportDateTime;
    boolean reportIsNew
    boolean reportHasPest


class Notifications {

    int id
    boolean hasReceived
    Reports report = null
    Farms farm = null


Current query;

 def reportsHasPest = Reports.withCriteria {
            between('reportDateTime', dateStart, new Date())
                eq("crop", lastReport.crop)
                eq("pest", lastReport.pest)                
                eq("reportHasPest", true)

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I don't think I really understand the question. Are you trying to find reports that are not linked to a Notification? –  David Genn Jul 26 '12 at 4:17

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