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For example, I have a variable $(modules), and this variable contains a list (string separated by spaces) of objects, like "Modules = obj1 obj2..." so on.

Each of the obj in the modules also contains a list, let's say "obj1 = obj1a obj1b..." so on.

Now, I want to make a variable to contain all these lowest level variables (e.g. obj1a), for example, "$(variable) = obj1a obj1b...obj2a obj2b..."

I tried $($(modules))... it obviously didn't work...

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Use foreach function:

MODULES := foo bar baz

foo := a b c
bar := i j k
baz := x y z

FLAT_MODULES := $(foreach m,$(MODULES),$($m))
# FLAT_MODULES is now 'a b c i j k x y z'
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Thank you very much! this is exactly what I need! – bholms May 29 '12 at 21:12

So, from what you described, let's suppose you have three variables, obj1, obj2, and obj3 that hold your "object" names. Then, you want a variable, say MODULES, to hold the contents of these three variables.

Wouldn't something like the code below do what you want?

.PHONY: test

MODULES=$(obj1) $(obj2) $(obj3)
obj1=foo1 bar1
obj2=foo2 bar2
obj3=foo3 bar3

    echo $(MODULES)

Obviously substituting the "echo" to whatever you want?

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I figured it out, and you can avoid that $(obj1) $(obj2) $(obj3) with a foreach function as described by the previous guy. Thank you very much too. – bholms May 29 '12 at 21:12

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