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I am in need of assistance. I have a batch file that runs nightly to restart machines in a specified list (restartmelist.txt) which works flawlessly. What I am looking to do, is have another file (restartmenames.txt) with a list of usernames, so when I look at the results file, I can not only see the results from each machine, but also whose machine it is. The names coorilate in order with the machines. So restartmelist.txt looks like this:


And restartmenames.txt looks like this:

Bob Lastname
Bill Lastname
Jason Lastname

Right now, my logfile writes like this:


What I would like to see, is this:

.Machine1 (Bob Lastname)
.Machine2 (Bill Lastname)
.Machine3 (Jason Lastname)

What I don't know how to do, is call that 2nd file to write the log entries, or if it's even possible. Here is what my code currently looks like:


FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A IN ('TIME/T') DO SET Now=%%A

>>c:\scripts\Restartme.log 2>&1 Echo Restarting of machines STARTED on %date% @ %now%
>>c:\scripts\Restartme.log 2>&1 Echo.

set _=c:\scripts\restartmelist.txt
for /f %%i in (
) do (
>>c:\scripts\Restartme.log 2>&1 SHUTDOWN /r /m \\%%i /t %1 /c "This machine is forcibly restarting in %1 seconds!" /f
>>c:\scripts\Restartme.log 2>&1 Echo . %%i

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%B IN ('TIME/T') DO SET NowDone=%%B
>>c:\scripts\Restartme.log 2>&1 Echo.

>>c:\scripts\Restartme.log 2>&1 Echo Restarting of machines COMPLETED on %date% @ %nowdone%
>>c:\scripts\Restartme.log 2>&1 Echo ------------------------------------------------------------------
>>c:\scripts\Restartme.log 2>&1 Echo.

Copy c:\scripts\Restartme.log \\seaapps\apps\logfiles /y

Is this something easy to accomplish!? I appreciate the help from anyone.

--- Charles!

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The code segment below read restartmelist.txt and restartmenames.txt and output in the screen the result you want:

setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
< restartmenames.txt (
for /F "delims=" %%a in (restartmelist.txt) do (
   set /P name=
   echo %%a (!name!^)

If this is what you want, I suggest you to not include any additional information in your questions that is not related to the topic (like your code in this case). If this is not what you want, then I'm sorry, I didn't understand you...

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