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I have two tables, one containing manufacturing data, one containing repair data.

For my query, the data set is structured like so:


I need to show ("TOTAL") the total count of receiver models in the fields that have been been repaired and that went through production process 1 and 2.

ZR16-500 BALANCERING REWORK 1/2/2010 9/12/2011 147,565 99ZXF A20KTG
ZR22-100 NOBALANCERING PRIME 8/2/2011 3/9/2012 234 92KXF D208FSTXS
ZR16-500 BALANCERING REWORK 1/9/2010 4/2/2012 147,565 G96ZXF A25RSF

Maybe "Grand Total" does not apply here. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

PS: I am on Teradata. Not sure if it matters.

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What is in PRODUCTION_PROCESS_n when it has not gone through the process yet? Is it NULL? –  Michael Berkowski May 29 '12 at 20:57
No NULL. In fact, it is manufacturing data for goods that have been shipped (sold) to the field. Only four combinations: "BALANCERING/PRIME", "BALANCERING/REWORK" , "NOBALANCERING/PRIME" , "NOBALANCERING/REWORK". –  Chris May 29 '12 at 21:09
The structure of the two tables would come in handy. and some vague clue as to how total count of reciever models would be indicated in the data, as well. –  Tony Hopkinson May 29 '12 at 21:16

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This thread can closed. I was just informed by my user that he will be redefining his requirements. Thanks for your time.

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