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Got a quick question here:

Say I'm trying to separate the lines of a group of files, they all look like this:

pid text number

And I want to separate the lines into different files using the pid, how can I achieve this?

So far, I've tried something like:

cat files | grep '\([0-9]\{3\}\)' > $1.txt

That ofcourse, doens't work.. any ideas?

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The file with pids :

$ cat /tmp/l
123 azerty
234 qwerty
456 bepo

The awk code :

$ awk '/^[0-9]{3}/{print $0 > $1".txt"}' /tmp/l

The output of ls :

$ ls
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Thanks! Works like a charm! Gotta start using awk more often :) – Deleteman May 29 '12 at 21:30
You're welcome =) – Gilles Quenot May 29 '12 at 21:30

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