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I'm tring to implement the classic functionality of this select:elements depends on this other select:selection using Lift, E.g. select the country and get the possible states for the selected country.

The problem that I'm facing is that the "this.myForm.submit()" that I have inside the onchange of the select element is not firing the ajax request. If I use an input type"submit" it works perfectly.

Is this behaivior related with Lift framework? Is there a better way of implementing this kind of functionality using Lift libraries?

The relevant snipped code:

"name=distributionPoints" #> SHtml.select(distributionPoints, Empty, selectedDistributionPoint = _, "id" -> "the_distributionPoints") &
        "name=devices" #> (SHtml.select(devices, Empty, selectedDevice = _, "id" -> "the_devices")  ++ SHtml.hidden(process)) 

The view html:

<form class="lift:form.ajax">
<select name="distributionPoints" id="the_distributionPoints" onchange="submit()">
                <select name="devices" id="the_devices">

The rendered HTML:

    <form id="F391649920812YBACEZ" action="javascript://" onsubmit="liftAjax.lift_ajaxHandler(jQuery('#'+&quot;F391649920812YBACEZ&quot;).serialize(), null, null, &quot;javascript&quot;);return false;">
Punto de distribución:
                <select onchange="submit()" id="the_distributionPoints" name="F630704816482OLP514"></select>
                <br />              
                    <select name="F391649920817BLRJW5" id="the_devices"></select><input type="hidden" name="F391649920818HPS35E" value="true" />
                    <br />



I finally got the solution. Like Chris mentioned I used ajaxSelect instead of just selects and instead of using setHtml there's a method called JsCmds.ReplaceOptions that does exactly what I was looking for.

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You should understand that when using Ajax submit the page is not reloaded. So I would suggest you to use JsCmds.setHtml on server side to "reset" the second select element.

So, in fact the first select is an ajaxSelect which is meant to modify the second one (so it is not concerned by the hidden submit in my opinion). The second select is updated when the first one is changed, using 'selectPoint(s)'

Piece of Scala code

def selectPoint(s):JsCmd = {
  selectedDistributionPoint = s; 
  newDevices:List[String] = findCorrespondingDevices(s);
  JsCmds.setHtml("name=devices", SHtml.select(newDevices, Empty, selectedDevice = _, "id" -> "the_devices")) ++ SHtml.hidden(process)) 

"name=distributionPoints" #> SHtml.AjaxSelect(distributionPoints, Empty, s=> selectPoint(s), "id" -> "the_distributionPoints") &
"name=devices" #> (SHtml.select(Nil, Empty, selectedDevice = _, "id" -> "the_devices")  ++ SHtml.hidden(process)) 

Piece of template code

<input name="distributionPoints" id="the_distributionPoints" onchange="submit()"/>
<input name="devices" id="the_devices"/>
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I would apreciate a wider explanation. But what I understand is that you recommend me is to reset the whole page instead just reset the single select component. But the problem that I'm facing is that I just can't notify the server that the ajax operation must be done because I cant submit the form using onchange event. –  rsan May 29 '12 at 21:40
I will post a solution as soon as I access my computer (tablets are not ideal). But setHtml sets a piece of the page (like a for example) so it won't refresh the whole page. –  Christopher Chiche May 29 '12 at 21:50
tnx in advance bro :) –  rsan May 29 '12 at 21:54
Ok, I finally solve it. Instead of using setHtml I used ReplaceOptions. I ended with more questions than answers :p First of all, why I can't use selectors in setHtml and ReplaceOptions, it looks like using the element id is mandatory. Next, why setHtml does not replace the element? If thats the normal behavior, David should used appendChild. Finally, damm! Whats wrong with Lift documentation and literature. All books I have read never go deep in more complex concepts and the best source of information I have found "simplylift" is still incomplete and outdated. –  rsan May 30 '12 at 2:20
I'm glad it works! You should post your solution in order to have a totally working one. For setHtml, I use it and it replaces elements, but maybe the identifier is not well used (usually I work with a div). For documentation, this is the main problem of Lift. The community says that everything is on the mailing List. Which is nearly true but the lack of doc makes it really hard to learn the language. That's why I would prefer stackoverflow usage and also some good books and a well commented documentation and code. –  Christopher Chiche May 30 '12 at 6:35

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