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My Rails 3.2 project has a devise-generated user and a set of models that all contain data that's specific to that user. I want a logged-in user to be able to access only his own data through the APIs exposed by the controllers.

Now, a brute-force way to enable this would be to change each and every controller from something like:

def index
  @stuff = Stuff.all


def index
  @stuff = Stuff.find_all_by_user_id

And I have to repeat this for every single action of every single controller. Is there perhaps a more succinct and DRY way of achieving the same effect? The amount of boilerplate I have to write feels wrong.


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Take a look at the CanCan gem.

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I think this should do the trick, I'll let you folks know if it's not cutting it! – Alexandr Kurilin May 30 '12 at 4:23

a) You can have a before callback in application_controller.rb that looks something like

def find_stuff_from_current_user
  @stuff = Stuff.find_all_by_user_id

And than call this in every controller like this:

before_filter :find_stuff_from_current_user

Now you have @stuff variable available in every controller and in every action.

b) Or you can use scoping in stuff model.rb where you say something like:

scope :stuff_from_current_user, where(:user => current_user)
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