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I've been searching high and low to try and find some software with which I can test my mobile websites performance on a 3g connection. I also want to be able to monitor the calls so I can breakdown which parts are taking the most time.

I want something like the network tab on firebug or safari web inspector. I know Charles can be used by throttling the connection on my computer and then connection my phone via wi-fi, but I really want to test using an actual 3g connection.

Anyone got any advice on the best testing methods or software available?

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I am looking into the same thing myself. So far I have found the following solutions. All of them not completely to my satisfaction though.

Android emulator using netspeed
+ Manipulate netspeed (manual, umts, gprs, etc..)
+ Manipulate network delays (latency)
- Not an actual device - android only

Chrome browser desktop + ADB + chrome browser mobile (remote debugging)
- Only in chrome browser
+ actual device
- android only
- Only wifi speed (so no umts, gprs, etc..)

1. Record http traffic and replay in a load driver.
2. Use a WAN emulator that will simulate the various Wi-Fi conditions, higher latency, dropped packets etc
3. Webwait to measure page load times (basic)

Hope it is usefull!

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