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Im trying to output an integer array to a file and have hit a snag. The code executes properly, no errors thrown, but instead of giving me a file containing the numbers 1-30 it gives me a file filled with [] [] [] [] [] I have isolated the problem to the included code segment.

       BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(filepath));
       int test=0;
       int count=0;
       catch(IOException e)
           System.out.println("IOException: "+e);

filepath refers to the location of the output file. temps is an array containing the values 1-30. If anymore information is necessary, i will be happy to provide.

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Can you confirm that you want to have a "text" file containing human-readable data, rather than a binary file? – Greg Kopff May 29 '12 at 22:37
The output file should be a human-readable "text" file – MFrantz May 29 '12 at 22:44
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BufferedWriter.write(int) writes the character value of the int, not the int value. So outputing 65 should put the letter A to file, 66 would print B...etc. You need to write the String value not the int value to the stream.

Use BufferedWriter.write(java.lang.String) instead

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I suggest to use PrintStream or PrintWriter instead:

PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(filePath, true); // true for auto-flush
int test = 0;
int count = 0;
while(count < temps.length)
    test = temps[count];  
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The problem you are having is that you are using the BufferedWriter.write(int) method. What is confusing you is that while the method signature indicates it's writing an int, it's actually expecting that int to represent an encoded character. In other words, writing 0 is writing NUL, and writing 65 would output 'A'.

From Writer's javadoc:

public void write(int c) throws IOException

Writes a single character. The character to be written is contained in the 16 low-order bits of the given integer value; the 16 high-order bits are ignored.

A simple way to correct your problem is to convert the number to a String before writing. There are numerous ways to achieve this, including:

int test = 42;
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You could convert the integer array to a byte array and do something like this:

public void saveBytes(byte[] bytes) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException {
 try (BufferedOutputStream out = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(new File(filepath))) {
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You write the number as an Integer to the file, but you want it to be a string. change bw.write(test); to bw.write(Integer.toString(test));

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