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I'm developing a .NET application which requires user authentication and role management to happen through Active Directory. I was wondering whether there was a way of installing a test instance of AD on a Virtual Machine (have Windows Server 2003 through Virtual PC) and connecting from my desktop environment to the VM AD instance?

I have tried AD LDS and ADAM on my local desktop, and for whatever reason kept encountering problems.


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Well if you are running Server 2003, then you can just add the Domain Contoller (Active Directory) role to it via 'Manage Your Server'.

What problems did you encounter with AD LDS? It's perfect for your needs as it just provides a directory service for applications (creating a whole new domain as above may be a bit of an overkill).

Once you've created the AD instance via whatever method, you could create a private network between the host workstation and client virtual machine - IE 'host-only' under the network adaptor settings in VMware workstation/player for example. This means you can run the VM and just have communications between it and the host without fear of breaking anything else.

I'm doing it right now to test some PowerShell code against a copy of a production DC.

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