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I'm created a website in JSF 2 (primefaces 3.3) and now I want to create a mobile version. I have diferents views for desktop/mobile. I already create a custom viewhandler to detect mobile browsers. It seens to work fine. But what a don't understand is how to redirect the user to the mobile pages. I've searched a lot and nobody says where this step occurs. In what step should i do that? Redirect the user, and how to?

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Do the browser detection job in a Filter mapped on FacesServlet instead of in a ViewHandler.

It's then as easy as

if (needsRedirectToMobileURL) {
else {
    chain.doFilter(request, response);

A ViewHandler isn't intented to manipulate the request/response. It's intented to handle the JSF view for the given request.

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Generally you do not want to redirect to a mobile site but instead use css media queries to determine what the browser size is and use different css for that. Here is a quick example

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+1 for the general answer. But primefaces has a mobile api/gui which has much different designs then the desktop version. – djmj May 30 '12 at 1:35

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