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I can create a Game, in that Game I can create Rules, I have a button that "Completes" the Rule, by changing the Rule boolean :completed column to false, which pushes it to the "Rules Completed" view, I have a button that "renews" the Rule, by changing the Rule boolean :completed column back to true.

So, my next task is to create a create method in the new Score controller that:

  1. Via the same "Completed" button_to action,
  2. Finds the rule of that button_to and inserts that rule ID to a new table, Score, in column "rule_id".
  3. It also posts the time of completion (the time the user hits the button) to the Score table, column "complete_time",

What I have tried is to simply copy most of the details of the create method in the Rule controller, which is:

def create
 @rule = @game.rules.new(params[:rule])
 if @rule.save
   flash[:notice] = "You have added a Rule to your Game!"
redirect_to game_url(@game)
 flash[:error] = "We couldn't add your Rule."
 redirect_to game_url(@game)

My latest efforts at repeating this is to post the rule_id to the Score table, column "rule_id" as follows:

def create
 @rule = Rule.find(params[:id])
 @score = @rule.scores.new(params[:rule_id])
 if @score.save
   flash[:notice] = "You scored!"
    redirect_to game_url(@game)
 flash[:error] = "Wide right, try again."
 redirect_to game_url(@game)

my new score db is:

class CreateScores < ActiveRecord::Migration
 def change
   create_table :scores do |t|
     t.integer :rule_id
     t.datetime :completed_time


my proposed Score button action is:

<%= button_to "Score!", score_path(@game.id,rule.id) %>

and routes are set as:

Tgom::Application.routes.draw do

 resources :games do
   resources :rules do
  resources :scores do

  match 'games/:game_id/rules/:id/complete' => 'rules#complete', :as => :complete_rule

 match 'games/:game_id/rules/:rule_id/scores' => 'scores#create', :as => :score

 match 'games/:game_id/rules/:id/uncomplete' => 'rules#uncomplete', :as =>   :uncomplete_rule

 root :to => 'games#index'

The current error for this setup is reading:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in ScoresController#create

Couldn't find Rule without an ID

Rails.root: c:/Sites/tgom
app/controllers/scores_controller.rb:9:in `create'
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your request via score_path url (as per your route) will set :game_id and :rule_id params. In particular if you press the button for

<%= button_to "Score!", score_path(@game.id,rule.id) %>

params[:game_id] will be @game.id and params[:rule_id] will be rule.id

But your scores controller create method is reading params[:id], which will be nil, hence your error.

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