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My requirement is to concatenate string at the end of the requestScope variable . ex requestScope.value[bean.selected_value] where bean.selected_value is the value to be concatenated during looping and the value changes based on selection.here is my code

<select class="formtext">
    <option value="">Select month</option>
    <c:set var="monthsCollection" value='${requestScope.Month + '_' + [bean.selectedvalue}' />      
    <c:if test="${!empty monthsCollection}">
    <c:forEach var="monthList" items="${monthsCollection}">
        <option value="<c:out value='${monthList}' />"
        <c:out value='${stationList}' />

Thanks for your answers.

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You cannot concatenate strings in an expression. The + operator can only be used on numbers. What you can do is using two expressions in the value attribute of <c:set/>:

<c:set var="myVar" value="${var1}${var2}"/>

So, in your case you should use:

<c:set var="monthsCollectionVarName" value="Month${bean.selectedvalue}" />
<c:set var="monthsCollection" value="${requestScope[monthsCollectionVarName]}" />
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