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If I add settings to my app's web.config file, is there an API to read the settings from my app or do I have to read the file using an XML library?

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There is no special API that allows you read web.config into your node.js application running in iisnode. Having said that:

  • all key/value pairs from the appSettings section in web.config will be promoted to environment variables of the node.exe process, so you can access them using process.env,
  • as of iisnode v0.1.19, in addition to web.config, configuration settings can be specified in a iisnode.yml file; see http://tomasz.janczuk.org/2012/05/yaml-configuration-support-in-iisnode.html for details.

This example shows how promoted key/value pairs from the appSettings section in web.config are available as environment variables. In your web.config file:

    <add key="abc" value="test" />

In your node application: console.log(process.env.abc); //--> test

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