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I am new in WPF and i need to make and application to show all the programs installed in windows. I found this layouts and i started to work in the fisheye panel, but the problem is that i want to show buttons instead of images in the layout, so I started to figure it out how to do that and i get to show buttons instead of pictures with the next code:

<Setter Property="ContentTemplate">
            <Button Margin="5" Padding="5" HorizontalContentAlignment="Center"
                    Command="{Binding Command}" Width="{Binding XPath=@Width}"
                    Height="{Binding XPath=@Height}" Content="App"/>

My problem is: How do i bind every button to the corresponding action? and how can i know which one was pressed or the id of the button?

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You need to use TemplatedParent in my mind. The TemplatedParent property gives you an item which this template is applied. Use this code

 <Button Margin="5" Padding="5" HorizontalContentAlignment="Center"
         Command="{Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource Mode=TemplatedParent} , Path=Command}"
         Width="{Binding XPath=@Width}" Height="{Binding XPath=@Height}"
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