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we have SVN CruiseControl(CC) that had been configured in the linux machine. We have been using this server for a long time up to this date. but lately the build fails and fixes by itself or sometime it requires Server reboot to fix this issue. Each time it throws different error messages as below.

Ant Error Message: /opt/cruisecontrol/workdir/framework.xml:11: Unable to delete file /opt/cruisecontrol/workdir/checkout/PTPTN/ptptn/ptptn-build.672-N20120527/ReportTemplate/NEW REPORT - MAY 2012/NOTICE_SENT_REPORT.jrxml

Ant Error Message: /opt/cruisecontrol/workdir/framework.xml:11: Unable to delete directory

Ant Error Message: /opt/cruisecontrol/workdir/framework.xml:14: Can't checkout

Ant Error Message: /opt/cruisecontrol/workdir/framework.xml:19: The following error occurred while executing this line: /opt/cruisecontrol/workdir/checkout/framework/source/framework.xml:102: The following error occurred while executing this line: /opt/cruisecontrol/workdir/checkout/framework/source/framework.xml:284: Can't checkout

We couldn't figure out what is wrong with the server.Any thought of why is happening to CC?Or any idea so we can manage this problem?Thanks.

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Maybe the file that cannot be deleted is in use. Try using lsof or similar tools. Or the permissions may somehow be other than you think, so the cruise control process cannot delete them. – Christian.K May 30 '12 at 4:11
Do you have any kind of automated tests that run as part of build? Or perhaps static code analysis tools like FindBugs or PMD? I've had a situation where an automated test ran for a very long time, causing similar problems - once I fixed the test, things settled down and worked as expected. – Ewald May 30 '12 at 5:05
@Ewald can you explain more on this?what do you mean by automated test? – newbie.my May 30 '12 at 5:09
Perhaps you have unit tests firing as part of your build cycle? – Ewald May 30 '12 at 5:56
no tests have been run in the build..so is there anything else that i can check? – newbie.my May 30 '12 at 7:10

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