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I'm using magento as my CMS, trying to implement ajax for pagination,

I have 2 pages at the moment, the structure is such,

<div class="pager">
        <div class="pages">
             <li class="current">1</li>
                <a href="http://localhost/Bakestore/index.php/tools.html?p=2" class="pageLinks">2</a></li>
             <li class="pager_next_img">
                <a class="next i-next pageLinks" href="http://localhost/Bakestore/index.php/tools.html?p=2" title="Next">
                <img src="http://localhost/Bakestore/skin/frontend/default/Bakestore_Theme/images/pager_arrow_right.gif" alt="Next" class="v-middle">

my jQuery ajax code is as below,

$j(".pages li a").each(function(){

    var anchorSel =  $j(this).attr('href');
        type: "POST", 
        datatype: "HTML",
        cache: true,
        url: anchorSel,

        success: function(data){
            var testdata = $j(data).find(".category-products");
            $j(".col-main .category-products").replaceWith(testdata);

        complete: function(data){
                        $j(".pages li a").each(function(){
                            $j(this).removeClass('pageLinks').addClass('pageLinks');                            });
                            alert($j(".col-main .category-products .toolbar > .pager").html());

It works fine when I click Page 2, but, from page 2 when I hit Page 1, the page reloads. Now when I hit Page 2 again, it works fine.

I debugged my jQuery, sadly, the event $j(".pageLinks").click is not getting fired at all (when I click on Page 1).

Any idea where I'm going wrong?

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your return html contains the pagination links? if thats the case, you need to change .click(function(){ to .live('click', function(){

click binds only existing elements to that event handler. live does the same except also for elements that have yet to come into existence.

live is indeed deprecated. if you are using 1.7, which i dont think you are. you should change it to

$(document).on('click', ".pageLinks", function(){

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Ok, this is working, can you please explain as to why this works? Thanks, will accept answer then :) –  Tarun Pai May 30 '12 at 5:38
Note that .live() is deprecated in jQuery 1.7+, but if it works for your version, alright. –  Fabrício Matté May 30 '12 at 5:39
you could use .on() that was introduced in jQuery 1.7 as a substitute of .live(). –  davidaam May 30 '12 at 5:43
The API page has examples of which versions support and should use .live, .delegate and .on. :P Thanks for edit Funky. –  Fabrício Matté May 30 '12 at 5:47
The reason .click() doesn't works is because the event is unbinded when you removeClass when the AJAX call is complete. on() and previously bind() binds the event to the supplied selector, it doesn't matter if you removeClass or remove the element and then add it again. At least this is the way I understand it (I asked this same question some months ago) –  davidaam May 30 '12 at 5:49
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