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I have sucessfully built some Boost C++ 1.44.0 libraries for iOS 4.3. I now need Boost.Log v2. Boost.Log requires Boost C++ to be built. However, the Boost.Log documentation does not mention any minimal Boost C++ version.

I found scatered on the net that Boost.Log was sucessfully built with Boost 1.45.0 but no information was provided if this was compiled for Boost.Log v1 or v2.

Can anyone shed some light about the Boost C++ library minimum version that should be used to compile Boost.Log v2 (rev 667) ?

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Well, I should have tried to build Boost.Log (at 667) before asking this question. In the build output, it is explicitly written:

./boost/log/detail/prologue.hpp:36:5: error: #error Boost.Log: **Boost version 1.48 or later is required**

Therefore, Boost.Log v2 (at revision 667) requires Boost 1.48.0 minimum.

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