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I am trying to figure out a debugger in Corona SDK. Currently i am using the most basic technique of print commands but i am looking for a module that could help me put break points and view the value of the variables.

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http://www.mydevelopersgames.com/CIDER/ - I'm not sure if you're looking for just a "module", but this IDE has all the features you mentioned. Personally I use it and I'd say it's worth it.

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Yes, I agree with Mr.Unicorn. CORONA CIDER IDE provide several features to help coding in lua. Trial version is also available on their site, you can try it.

Some major features of CIDER:

  • Breakpoints
  • Omniscient Debugging
  • Function Navigator
  • Smart Code Completion and many others.

You can check on their site : http://www.mydevelopersgames.com/CIDER/features.html

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