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I'm trying to build an app that gets data from server with getJSON and then alerts the row. This is the code I use but it doesn't show the row from JSON, it just says "undefined". What could be the reason for this?


      $.each(result, function(i, field){

This is the JSON response:

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result isn't an array. result.key is an array. Also your field's property is message, not MESSAGE:

$.each(result.key, function(i, field){
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accessing objects in json is case sensitive

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Please don't post single-line answers. Explain the issue. -1 – Manishearth May 30 '12 at 11:40
@Manishearth oh... I thought I explain how to access properties in a json object was in "case sensitive" isn't it right? or you want an example how to do that? then here is an example if you access message do it like this "field.message" and not "field.MESSAGE" cause the message property is not in capital letters but rather written in small letters so accessing it with capital letters would not work cause it's case sensitive and would mean another different property from the object. does it make sense? (--,) – Christopher Pelayo Jun 1 '12 at 23:54

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