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What I'm looking for is to have media player plugin, which will be able to play following media content:

  • images
  • audios (optional)
  • videos (optional)
  • youtube embedded videos
  • vimeo embedded videos
  • flash (when no flash support then image)

Content should be organized in playlist, and I shuold be able to decide what is the length of the frame with image (of course length of the frame with video/audio when autoplayed, is video/audio length itself). Also I need to be able add custom controls to it, and be able to trigger actions (next, prev, play, pause, stop) using javascript/jquery. I would also like to add click-thru links to the frames.

I couldn't find any with uncle Google or in existing questions, so I decided to post new question.

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Try Open Standard Media (OSM) Player

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