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I have created animation.xml file in which i have added my stuff of frame animation but it is not working i have called 5this in my activity class as follow....

animation = (ImageView)findViewById(R.id.imageAnimation);
        animation.setBackgroundResource(R.drawable.animation);      // the frame-by-frame animation defined as a xml file within the drawable folder
        AnimationDrawable frameAnimation = 
                (AnimationDrawable) animation.getBackground();

can any one tell me what is problem in that

animation.xmal file

<animation-list xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" 

    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_5" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_6" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_7" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_8" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_9" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_10" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_11" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_12" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_13" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_14" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_15" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_16" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_17" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_18" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_19" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_20" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_21" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_22" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_23" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_24" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_25" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_26" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_27" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_28" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_29" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_30" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_31" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_32" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_33" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_34" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_35" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_36" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_37" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_38" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_39" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_40" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_41" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_42" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_43" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_44" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_45" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_46" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_47" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_48" android:duration="50" />
    <item android:drawable="@drawable/anatomy_49" android:duration="50" />

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try this

put your animation.xml file in anim folder

Simple Animation

Animation rAnim = AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(your_context, R.anim.animation);

where animation is your imageview


Drawable Animation

    AnimationDrawable rocketAnimation;

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

      ImageView rocketImage = (ImageView) findViewById(R.id.rocket_image);
      rocketAnimation = (AnimationDrawable) rocketImage.getBackground();
       final Thread thread = new Thread(new Runnable() 
    public void run() 
    { wait(1000);      
     activity.runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {@Override public void run()


    public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) {
      if (event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN) {
        return true;
      return super.onTouchEvent(event);
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what is act ? can you explain? – Ashishsingh May 30 '12 at 7:17
check my answer it is contex – Niranj Patel May 30 '12 at 7:19
it is throwing me runtime exception as Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown animation name: animation-list – Ashishsingh May 30 '12 at 7:27
show me your animation.xml file – Niranj Patel May 30 '12 at 7:29
I have edited my code ? – Ashishsingh May 30 '12 at 7:32

As seen at the bottom of drawable animation example page:

It's important to note that the start() method called on the AnimationDrawable cannot be called during the onCreate() method of your Activity, because the AnimationDrawable is not yet fully attached to the window. If you want to play the animation immediately, without requiring interaction, then you might want to call it from the onWindowFocusChanged() method in your Activity, which will get called when Android brings your window into focus.

Hope it helps.. ;) Cheers

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This is one of the best points given here. Not starting the animation during OnCreate()! – Levit Dec 15 '14 at 9:53

make folder anim in res and put your animation.xml in anim folder and than use this way

 Animation anim = AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this,R.anim.animation);
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it is throwing me the java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown animation name: animation-list – Ashishsingh May 30 '12 at 7:39

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