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I have with me a <td> element. I want to find out the number of <span> elements inside of it. I feel the children().length should do this, but what kind of selector should I use as a parameter to the children() method? Is there any other way using jquery/javascript to do so?

One possible example:

<td><span>*content*</span> &nbsp; <span>*content*</span> &nbsp;</td>

Here, I should have the answer as 2.

EDIT: I have a particular <td> element inside which I'm searching for the <span>. So, it should be this,right:

$(td 'span').length
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check my edited answer you can achieve the same thing with the children() function and you are doing wrong you need sector ("td > span") see my answer – Pranay Rana May 30 '12 at 8:20
@PranayRana: yeah the second part with children() method works too! – karan k May 30 '12 at 8:23
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Try this to get count of span, immediate child of td:

$('td > span').length;


Read about $("parent > child") selector

According to your edit

if td is a variable that contains the particular <td> reference like;

var td = $('td.some');

then you should try

$('span', td).length;

To point out a particular td element you should use class or id of that td, I think.

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Child Selector (“parent > child”) - try this will work for you

See .length.

alert($("td > span").length);


alert($('td').children('span').length );

Working Demo

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