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I need to read the condition of a shopping cart price rule in magento programatically.

Mage_SalesRule_Model_Rule has a method getConditionsSerialized() which does provide the conditions but in a cryptic manner to say the least such as the following:


Does anyone know how to read the condition in a more humane way plz? I'd like to be able to read certain attributes.

Thanks a bunch!


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You can use php's unserialize function to convert this to a workable array.

Try this:

$conditions = unserialize($rule->getConditionsSerialized());

I've blogged before about how these work, and while my post is about creating rules, it still explains a bit about how you might come to understand conditions.

Here's my post

Hope it helps!

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unserialize($rule->getConditionsSerialized()) did the trick!

Hope it helps someone else!

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