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I'm writing a cross-platform shell like program in python and I'd like to add custom tab-completion actions. On Unix systems I can use the built-in readline module and use code like the following to specify a list of possible completions when I hit the TAB key:

import readline
readline.parse_and_bind( 'tab: complete' )
readline.set_completer( ... )

How can I do this on Windows? I'd like to avoid relying on 3rd-party packages if possible. If no solution exists is it possible to simply trap TAB key press so that I can implement my own from scratch?

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Just keep in mind, it can be nice to have the TAB key available for indenting (with spaces). I tried out pyreadline but decided to uninstall it because I missed being able to use TAB for that purpose. –  twasbrillig Oct 24 at 12:58

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Do u have a look at PyReadline: a ctypes-based readline for Windows? Although 3rd-party packages is NOT your option, maybe it's useful for build one's own, isn't it:).

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you could look at how ipython does it with pyreadline as well, maybe

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Another possibility to check out is readline.py.

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