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I would like to block a URL to be called by giving the URL address, something like:

This doesn't work but something like this.

    //It was called here
    return false; //This in this scenario would block the URL to be called, it would cancel its request, it wouldn't even send the request, it would cancel before it access the web.

is it possible to block a URL so it doesn't get called or alter its request before its called in a tab via the Google Extensions?

thanks in advance.

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You can use chrome.webRequest's onBeforeRequest method in blocking mode to cancel navigations.

Your manifest will need to declare permissions for "webRequest" and "webRequestBlocking".

Then add a background script that hooks onBeforeRequest and cancels the navigation for that URL only:

chrome.extension.onBeforeRequest.addListener(function() { return {cancel: true} },
  { urls: [""] },
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Navigation seems to happen though. Requests aren't sent, but the UI portion of the browser will still "try to navigate". ie, a "This webpage was blocked by an extension" error appears – sqram Feb 12 '14 at 11:55

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