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I have a written a Code in Selenium Web driver to test the health of the Contact Us page of my web site.

Code is working fine. My further aim is to:

  1. Use Rescue (to get error message when this scripts fail. Specifically when some element is not found during execution in the function > "def test_contact_us_screen_shot").

Code for reference.

require 'rubygems'
require "selenium-webdriver"
require "test/unit"

class ContactUsScreenShot < Test::Unit::TestCase

  def setup
    @driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox
    @base_url = "http://www.mycompany.com"
    @driver.manage.timeouts.implicit_wait = 30
    @verification_errors = []

  def teardown
    assert_equal [], @verification_errors

  def test_contact_us_screen_shot
    @driver.get(@base_url + "/contact_us")
    #This method will take screenshot and  save it in the same folder from where script is executed.
    puts "screen shot taken"
    assert_equal "mycompany.com - Discuss your requirements to Outsource Software Product Development, Offshore Software Testing,", @driver.title
    @driver.find_element(:id, "compan").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "company").send_keys "My Company"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "first_name").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "first_name").send_keys "Mrityunjay"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "last_name").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "last_name").send_keys "Chauhan"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "email").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "email").send_keys "mrityunjay@gmail.com"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "phone1").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "phone1").send_keys "9999999999"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "addr1").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "addr1").send_keys "306 Office Address"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "addr2").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "addr2").send_keys "Office Address"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "city").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "city").send_keys "Dehradun"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "state").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "state").send_keys "UK"
    Selenium::WebDriver::Support::Select.new(@driver.find_element(:id, "country")).select_by(:text, "India")
    @driver.find_element(:id, "zip").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "zip").send_keys "248001"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "website").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "website").send_keys "http://www.mycompany.com"
    @driver.find_element(:id, "comments").clear
    @driver.find_element(:id, "comments").send_keys "This is the Testing Script for Contact Us page. Please Ignore.\nThanks,\nMrityunjay Chauhan"
    @driver.find_element(:name, "submit").click
    assert_equal "mycompany.com - Discuss your requirements to Outsource Software Product Development, Offshore Software Testing,", @driver.title
      rescue Exception => e
      puts e.message
  puts "I am Here"

   def element_present?(how, what)
    @driver.find_element(how, what)
  rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::NoSuchElementError

  def verify(&blk)
  rescue Test::Unit::AssertionFailedError => ex
    @verification_errors << ex
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Here is an answer -- just use "find_elements" instead which gives an empty array instead of throwing an exception.

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Do you mean something like this

    @driver.find_element(:name, "submit") 
    assert_match "true","false","Your error message"
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Thanks, I tried the above code in my script and got following error: 1) Failure: test_contact_us_screen_shot(ContactUsScreenShot) [Contact-us-ScreenShot.rb:56]: My error message. <"false"> expected to be =~ </true/>. –  Mrityunjay May 31 '12 at 7:19
On executing the script with rescue as given below, things worked properly. begin rescue Exception => e puts e.message @driver.save_screenshot("./error1.png") end –  Mrityunjay May 31 '12 at 7:22
so did it work ? If it did help you, please mark this as your answer. –  Amey May 31 '12 at 15:25
Thanks Guys for putting up your suggestions... After putting some efforts I was able to make my code working. The same I have mentioned in my answer. Hope this will help people out here... –  Mrityunjay Jun 4 '12 at 11:08
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Following Rescue code is working fine in my code...

rescue Exception => e
        puts e.message
        puts "Element Not Found"
        puts "I am Here"
    end #rescue

In rescue we can trace the errors by using Log. For this we have to generated log file. Code is given below:

First define log at the start of your code as:

# Here I have created a log file in my "Test-Result" folder
$log = Logger.new('./Test-Results/logfile.log')

Next, we will move the error message to our log file using code given below:

rescue Exception => e
            $log.error "This is the Error occurred when Element/s not found: #{e}"
            puts "I am Here"
        end #rescue

Log will be something like this: E, [2012-06-04T16:03:44.546875 #796] ERROR -- : Error in Elements when not found!: Unable to locate element: {"method":"id","selector":"compan"}

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