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I can't find a place where nodejs log file is stored. Because in my node server I have "Segmentation fault", I want to look at log file for additional info...

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There is no log file. Each node.js "app" is a separate entity. By default it will log errors to STDERR and output to STDOUT. You can change that when you run it from your shell to log to a file instead.

node my_app.js > my_app_log.log 2> my_app_err.log

Alternatively (recommended), you can add logging inside your application either manually or with one of the many log libraries:

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forever might be of interest to you. It will run your .js-File 24/7 with logging options. Here are two snippets from the help text:

[Long Running Process] The forever process will continue to run outputting log messages to the console. ex. forever -o out.log -e err.log my-script.js


[Daemon] The forever process will run as a daemon which will make the target process start in the background. This is extremely useful for remote starting simple node.js scripts without using nohup. It is recommended to run start with -o -l, & -e. ex. forever start -l forever.log -o out.log -e err.log my-daemon.js forever stop my-daemon.js

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