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I know that controlling a video's privacy setting (public, private, unlisted) is done through setting the yt:private or yt:accessControl tags. However with a YouTube video, when it is set to private the access to the video can be allowed through a list of email addresses or YouTube usernames.

Is there a way to set this allowed list through the API?

If there is someone who knows of a solution using the Zend Gdata libraries this would be welcomed as this is the library I am using to interact with the YouTube API.

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A member of the YouTube API team has said that this is not a functionality that has API supports and they do not see it being added either.

See discussion.

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Thought I would post an answer seen as I am on the front page of Google for 'YouTube API Privacy', 'YouTube API Private Video' and 'YouTube API Private Video Access'. Hope this helps clear things up for someone else too. –  igneosaur May 31 '12 at 10:14

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