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I am using Restler 2.1.5 and i have a class with the index method protected.

protected function index($id){
//do something

I added new protected method but not able to call that method.

protected function method(){
//do stuff

When i call http://localhost/api/index.php/class?key=foo it runs all OK

But when i call http://localhost/api/index.php/method?key=foo it gives me not found

What can be causing this?

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It is because you are looking at the wrong place!

try the following url instead


If you do not pass '' (blank String) as the second parameter to $r->addAPIClass() name of the class will be included in the route and thus you need to include it in your url too

You should also understand the ambiguity and order of priority, reading this thread will help you

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Still not working. In the examples, in the _005_protected_api in the class Simple if you add: protected function index($a){ return "hello".$a; } and then if you call localhost/examples/_005_protected_api/index.php/simple/… It will return the hellorestricted, in other words, it is calling the index method Since the index as a parameter it will always call the index method, even if i indicated the method name. Am i right? –  Filipe Batista Jun 4 '12 at 11:25
that is order of priority issue. I have updated my answer with the link to the solution –  Luracast Jun 4 '12 at 22:52
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